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Award-Winning Market Research Agency

Split Second Research is a neuromarketing research agency that uses scientifically validated techniques to predict consumer behavior. We are a team of scientists and experts in market research. Our research has won several market research awards and is trusted by many big brands.

What makes Split Second Research unique?

Split Second Research is a market research agency with a difference. We supply consumer insights for business teams and other market research agencies, growth agencies, and creative agencies. With our neuro-cognitive inspired research platforms and analytic techniques, we can deliver solutions that make companies money.

Our staff have over 50 years’ combined experience in psychology and neuroscience, and many more years in marketing, and business leading. So, you can trust us with your market research needs. We offer academically validated solutions for predicting consumer behaviour. This we do by providing an implicit method that helps us understand subconscious drivers and motivations.

It is important to realise that Split Second has developed its own research platforms to speed up project development and delivery. This means we do not rely on third party technology. More importantly, our platforms are based on implicit response testing and so are based on gut feelings that consumers find difficult to articulate. Because of this we can have a more accurate understanding of human decisions and behaviour. 

Who We Are: Dr Eamon Fuclcher
Meet the experts

Meet our founders who are world-leading authorities and experts in psychology, neuroscience, and marketing. 

Dr Eamon Fulcher: Whoi We Are

Dr. Eamon Fulcher

CEO & Co-founder Eamon is a cognitive psychologist who has worked in neuromarketing for 15 years, after having worked in academia for 25 years. His PhD was in the field of AI (neural networks) from Imperial College London University.

Professor Gemma Calvert, Split Second Research

Prof Gemma Calvert

Co-founder Gemma is a professor of neuromarketing based in Singapore. Formerly a scientist at Oxford University and Psychology Chair at Warwick University, she is an internationally renowned neuroscientist and neuromarketing pioneer.

Geraldine Trufil

Geraldine Trufil

COO & Co-founder

Geraldine has a background in engineering, an MSc in environmental waste management, and an experienced project manager, formerly of The Transport Research Laboratory. Whatever the problem, Geraldine will find a solution - as indicated in her MRS Research Hero's Award

Mark Webster Neuromarketing Company Split Second Research

Mark Webster

Chairman Mark is a seasoned brand, marketing and communications professional, with over 25 years’ executive leadership as former Chairman & CEO of JWT in Hong Kong. Mark was named as one of the “20 most influential Brits abroad” by Campaign.

Split Second Reseach Clients

We have provided services for and have delighted: Givaudan, The Female Lead, Nando’s, Mothercare, Chanel, Johnson & Johnson, Lumanity, NRS Healthcare, Heinze, TBS, Amgen, Bayer, Organix, Santander, Danone, HRA Pharma, Coca-Cola, SC Johnson, Hewlett Packard, ITV, Adidas, Symrise, BBC, Nationwide, Loaker, OCBC Bank, Budweiser, Merk, and so many more…


Our Purpose

Understand, Analyse, Boost

Our purpose is to arm brands with reliable data and analytics in order to meet their desired goals. These might be to boost sales, evaluate the potential of a new product, to discover exactly why people buy their products, or to improve their brand positioning.

our purpose
Our Mission - deeper insights - who we are

Our Mission

Deeper Insights

We are on a mission to change the way consumer perception and attitudes are captured, without prejudice and, therefore, closer to actual behaviour. Our mission can only be achieved through close partnerships with brand managers, agencies and consultants who share our passion for deeper insights. The deeper insights we deliver aim to aid decision-making, increase growth, and maximise profitability.

Our Promise

The Bridge Between Brand and Consumer

Our promise is to significantly reduce the truth gap between what consumers say they will do and what they really do. We are also client-focused and here to help you answer any research question you may have, with reliable, informative, and useful insights. We understand the problem from your perspective as well as the consumer’s perspective, and aim to act as the bridge between brand intentions and consumer actions.

Who we are - our promise
Why choose Split Second Research?
Experts in the field - who we are

Experts In The Field

The team at Split Second is made up of world-leading authorities and experts in market research and the neuroscience of the consumer.

Our approach is grounded in robust psychological science and applied to consumer research.

Who we are - fast responses

Fast Responses

We offer competitive pricing and prioritise timely responses.

We are “the fastest agency in town!” - as quoted by one of our clients.

Who we are - excellent reputation

Excellent Reputation

At Split Second Research, we are client-focused and go above and beyond to meet your needs.

We have a global reach, with several partners in Asia and Latin America.

This means, we can run projects anywhere in the world and we work with top global brands.

Who we are - competitive costs

Competitive Costs

Our market research platforms and set of neuro-cognitive implicit tools are great value for money.

We have a subsidiary company based in the Philippines which supports our programming and software development.

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