implicit reaction test (IRT)

How do respondents feel after taking an implicit reaction time survey?

We always like to finish a survey by asking respondents about their experience of its implicit elements. In our most recent survey, 80% thought the implicit element was “enjoyable” or “very enjoyable”. For many, they found the survey to be “innovative” and “different”, it was “not the usual kind of survey” and hence a “nice alternative” to traditional surveys. Some respondents even believed that “all surveys should be in this format”.

implicit research platform IMPRESS

Implicit Research in a Split Second with our IMPRESS Platform

The IMPRESS platform is used for implicit research in creating implicit reaction time tests in market research and for other research areas too, such as voting preferences, and social attitudes like racial bias, gender bias, and so on. Online, objective and cost-effective, implicit tests capture immediate, and intuitive responses to brands, packaging, product claims, advertising evaluation, brand tracking, brand positioning, new product development, and a vast array of other marketing related outputs.

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