Dr Eamon Fulcher

SSR 8 years

SSR turns 8 years today!

It’s our Birthday! Split Second Research celebrates 8th year. See Post Today, Split Second Research turns 8 years old. Split Second Research is a neuromarketing company which specialises in implicit market research methods. We are proud to have grown and developed our wonderfully talented team from all around the globe including UK HQ, Brazil, The …

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How do respondents feel after taking an implicit reaction time survey?

We always like to finish a survey by asking respondents about their experience of its implicit elements. In our most recent survey, 80% thought the implicit element was “enjoyable” or “very enjoyable”. For many, they found the survey to be “innovative” and “different”, it was “not the usual kind of survey” and hence a “nice alternative” to traditional surveys. Some respondents even believed that “all surveys should be in this format”.

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