Narrowing the “truth gap”

If there is a large TRUTH GAP between what people tell us and how they behave; this presents a significant risk for market researchers.

Using our Implicit market research tools and techniques, we uncover a better understanding of consumers’ emotions, intuitions, and gut-feelings which can narrow the truth gap. 

Our Solutions


Find out which pack design will work better with your audience.


Our brand positioning technology will identify your strengths and weaknesses in the market.

pricing and promotions for your brand

Pricing & Promotions

Assess the effects of in-store promotions on the perception of your brand and intention to purchase.

Product Development

Use implicit tests to determine the opportunities and risks that come with a new product.

Digital Marketing

Discover how implicit reaction tests can predict which digital ads will be the most successful and why.

public image implicit testing, reputation insights

Political Prediction

Discover how political polls can be predicted more accurately with the use of implicit tests.

advertising testing iat market research


Employ implicit reaction time testing to know how your audience really feels about your ad.

Product Claims

Discover how consumers really feel about each of your product claims.

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