Personal Branding and Public Image Insights

Understand how you are perceived implicitly using our implicit association measuring techniques. Better understand your public image to perfect your personal branding strategy.

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Enhance Personal Branding and Strategic Decision-Making With Neuroscience and Psychology 

Do you know how you are perceived implicitly by your fans or followers?

Celebrities, influencers, politicians, and CEOs can benefit from our Public Image Perception Insights service.

implicit reaction testing in market research to understand brand associations

Measure Your Audience's Implicit Association

Our implicit market research tools and techniques allow us to gain a better understanding of your audience’s emotions, intuitions, and gut-feelings. This can bridge the truth gap between what people say and how they actually feel. Using our neuroscience-based techniques, we can measure public image, perceived personality, behaviours, and decision-making abilities implicitly, creating a comprehensive profile of an individual.

With this information, our clients can make more informed personal branding strategy. By identifying strengths and weaknesses, our clients can learn where they may need to improve and what they should continue promoting.

influencer strategy - measure your public perception with iat
Influencer Strategy

Understand your audience’s perception to gain better engagement. Influencers can use our services to evaluate their current perceived personality traits, market category, or trustworthiness to sell. This information can be used to perfect content strategy and improve performance. Prove alignment with bigger brands and gain more relevant, better paid brand sponsorships.

Political Perception

Politicians have used our service to understand their alignment with their party’s values and their public image. With a party positioning implicit test, you can identify the strengths and weaknesses of your candidate and their opponents. This will help you know exactly how to communicate your campaign message more clearly.

political prediction, public image insights
public image implicit testing, reputation insights

Professional Perception & Personal Branding

High-profile professionals, such as CEOs and other VIPs have used our services to evaluate how they are perceived in relation to their company or the products they represent. Our team of experts use the latest techniques in psychology, neuroscience, and machine learning to provide accurate and reliable insights. We deliver our findings in a clear and actionable format to help clients make informed decisions.

Discover how you are implicitly perceived. Get in touch with our experts today.


Use our technology, founded in consumer neuroscience, to understand the effectiveness of your political campaign.

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