Prof Igor Aleksander

Emeritus Professor of Neural Systems Engineering, Imperial College London and Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering

Professor Igor Aleksander is a world renowned expert in neural systems engineering. In 1986, he led the team that developed one of the world’s first commercially available vision systems, WISARD, that learned to recognise human faces. WISARD is now an exhibit at the Winton Gallery in the British Science Museum in London. He was Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Gabor Professor of Neural Systems Engineering at Imperial College from 1988 to his retirement in 2002. In 2000, he won an IEE Lifetime Achievement Medal for Informatics for his work in digital neuro-modelling and artificial intelligence and consciousness. His most noted works include, Impossible Minds, My Neurons My Consciousness published by Imperial College Press. Igor brings his extensive knowledge of neural systems and machine learning to advise the team’s development of its neural network platforms.

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