Product Claims

The claims made in marketing materials and packaging can shape how consumers feel about the brand. This can happen positively when the claims aid consideration and purchase but can work against the brand if the claims aren’t believed or they deliver negative emotions.

Split Second Research recommends their implicit reaction time tests to identify product claims. Neuro-cognitive research has shown that much of our behaviour is driven by processes that operate below our conscious awareness, which implicit reaction time tests can tap. We also recommend using our forced-choice claim assignment test so that we obtain implicit and explicit consumer evaluations, which can lead to deeper insights than either alone.

We recommend three kinds of tests

  1. IMPRESS is our implicit framework for accessing subconscious consumer evaluations and associations. This tests the implicit strength of association with each claim and its ‘home’ brand
  2. Implicit Trust Test. This test measures the extent to which the consumer trusts the claims made and whether they feel positive (accepting) or negative (skeptical) towards the claim.
  3. Forced-choice claim assignment test. This tests the conscious (stated) belief about the ownership of each claim

We can develop a formula for determining what types of claims your brand should be using and which ones it should avoid.


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