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Packaging Visibility and Category Fit

When designing your packaging, it is important that the packaging is easy to locate and visually distinctive, while at the same time visually congruent with the market category. This allows for your customers to quickly and easily understand what the product is and how it fits into their needs and expectations. This is particularly important for new products, as they need to attract new attention, or if you were to re-brand or refresh the design of your original packaging.   

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At times, products that have undergone a redesign can sometimes become suddenly difficult for your customers to find, despite having the same content. This is because customers may have formed a mental model of what the product looks like, and a significant change in packaging may disrupt this model, potentially making it harder to find on the shelf. At Split Second Research, we can help you evaluate your packaging based on how it grabs attention, its visibility on the shelf, and how well it fits within the category, while meeting customer expectations.

IMPRINT – The “Push” of Attention


Consumer psychologists have established that there are two distinct types of attention that customers use. The first is the “push” of attention, which occurs when a customer is actively and intentionally searching for a particular product. This type of attention is characterised by a high level of focus and intentionality, as the customer is actively seeking out the product they want.

Split Second’s IMPRINT platform measures whether a pack can be easily found on the shelf (or an ecommerce platform). To see how the IMPRINT test works click here.

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IMPACT – The “Pull” of Attention 


The second type of attention is the “pull” of attention, which occurs when a customer is searching for a product but is drawn to another product instead. This type of attention is often driven by factors such as product design, packaging, or marketing, which are able to capture the customer’s attention and divert them from their original search. 

Split Second’s IMPACT platform measures a package’s ability to grab attention. It is an online test that provides a better alternative to eye-tracking technology, as it uses reaction time to measure speed of search of a neutral target, instead of a webcam, to measure eye movements. This makes it less invasive for respondents. It is also more accurate and has been demonstrated to be superior to eye-tracking when compared directly (Fulcher, Mathews, & Hammerl, 2008).

In some cases, attention pull can be beneficial for both the customer, as it can lead to the discovery of new products, and the seller, as it can increase sales. However, it can also be a challenge for sellers who want to ensure that their products are visible and easy to find for customers who are specifically looking for them. By understanding these two types of attention, sellers can develop strategies to optimise their product listings and marketing efforts to appeal to both types of customers.

Which Visual Assets Drive Sales?


As shown in our bottled water case study, Split Second’s pack testing technology uses implicit testing to compare different pack designs and determine which one will be more successful and why. By assessing the visual assets, such as colour, font, images, claims, and logo, we can identify which elements of the packaging are doing the hard work in terms of attracting attention and communicating the product’s benefits and features. This information can be used to optimise the packaging design, ultimately driving sales. Our technology provides a data-driven approach to packaging design, giving brands the right insights to create packaging that stands out on the shelf, and one that also meets the expectations of customers.

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