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IMPRESS Platform – to measure strength of associations

Implicit reaction time tests (e.g., Evaluative Priming, Affective Priming, the Dot Probe, the Stroop Test, and the Implicit Association Test or IAT) are used in market research to measure consumers’ inner feelings and attitudes towards products and services. They are used for the evaluation of product packs, product claims, brand logos, brand positioning, brand values, brand tracking, TV adverts, radio adverts, print adverts, website experiences, product experiences, and many forms of new product development, the range is ever expanding. Split Second’s implicit technologies have been refined for each touchpoint of the consumer journey.

Traditional Survey Platform

Traditional surveys (self-report questionnaires and time-limited forced choice tests) also have their value, especially when we have no reason to doubt that respondents are answering truthfully and with a good sense of self-insight. Let us carry out your traditional or explicit survey (whatever the method) and we will include an implicit test so you can try it out for free.

Explicit Attribute Assignment Test (EAAT)

Our forced-choice tests allow us to see how consumers are thinking explicitly and we can use this test on the same attributes as an implicit test to compare a brand’s strengths and weaknesses and whether consumers are over-stating or under-stating brand values.

IMPACT – Implicit Attention Capture Test

A pack, logo, or display advert needs to grab the attention of consumers even when they are not searching for it. It needs to leap out visually and say “hey, look at me!” This tool is used precisely to determine visual capture of your brand assets. We give respondents a simple task (e.g., to search for a target in a visual scene of products), and monitor their reaction times to detect the target. This tells us which visual features of a pack or product grabs the consumers’ attention. It therefore gives valuable information about the attractive and less attractive features of a pack or other brand item. It also includes an explicit element, where respondents identify which parts or elements of a pack or brand item they like looking at.

IMPRINT – Brand Findability

As well as grabbing the attention, a brand item (pack, logo, display ad, etc) needs to be very easy to find. Whether this is a shopper looking for a product on the shelf, a product in an online store, a travel package in travel agency, bargains in a sale, or an item on a restaurant or takeaway menu, your brand item needs to be found very quickly otherwise another brand option may grab their attention. There is clearly a direct relationship between an item’s findability and its sales.

IMPULSE – Moment-to-moment evaluation of audio-visuals

Split Second Research’s IMPULSE platform is for creating an implicit test for analysing audio-visual content, such as TV adverts, radio adverts, movie trailers, programme excerpts, online videos, promotional videos, training videos, political speeches, and so on. It provides a moment-to-moment analysis of emotional reactions to the content. IMPULSE can read up to six different emotions during the same test.

The video in the background attracts the attention and evokes associations at a non-conscious level that speeds or delays the responses on emotional words. This way we can derive how each scene is perceived emotionally.

WAPS – Word Associations Production Software

The way we define which attributes to use in an implicit test is through (a) looking through our huge database of attributes, (b) discussions with the client and (c) by searching for relevant sites on the internet and applying our WAPS tool. This can take one or more website addresses and trawl through counting the words used on the site. It can also search subdirectories of the website or it can analyse text pasted into the textbox. The output is a frequency table and a word cloud (where the frequency is represented by the size of the word).

A word cloud based on a search of the page bbc.co.uk/news on 15-11-2019


Many surveys involve more than one element, there are often several brands that need to be tested on the same tool or across more than one tool. All of these need stitching together so that the sequential flow is controlled and to give the respondent a pleasurable experience. The Router keeps all elements together, randomising the sequence where necessary, linking with the recruiter’s website, and displaying the latest recruitment numbers. It will also keep a record of recruitment targets, closing off a target once it is reached, and closing ther survey automatically once the total target is met.

Neuromarketing and Biometric Recording

Neuromarketing is one of our specialisms and we can run biometric tests (electro-dermal response, heart-rate, breathing rate, EEG, eye-glass eye tracking) at central locations. Using non-invasive equipment, biometric recordings can provide an objective measure of emotional response to products, adverts, packaging, services, and more. Used alongside traditional surveys but especially implicit association tests, biometrics can provide a rich picture of how consumers perceive products and marketing materials.

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