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New Product Development

Use implicit association tests to determine the opportunities and risks associated with launching your new product.

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New Product Development 

Undoubtedly, the stakes are high when it comes to developing new products. Around 40% of new products launched to the market fail, and the cost of failure can be significant in terms of both time and money. That’s why it is crucial to research how consumers will perceive your new product before making any significant investments.

At Split Second Research, we offer a comprehensive range of tests to evaluate all aspects of new product development. From the product’s name and positioning to packaging design and how well the new product fits with an existing range. Using implicit association testing, we can help you determine how well your new product will perform against both your current range and competitor brands.

Neuro-Informed Design

One critical aspect of new product development is the branding and design of the product. Colours, shapes, symbols, fonts, images, logos, and other design elements can all have hidden meanings and subconscious associations that strongly influence how consumers feel towards your brand and product. That’s where our neuro-informed design approach comes in.

We can evaluate several design routes on consumers using our implicit testing technology to determine which designs leverage the right subconscious meanings and avoid accidentally triggering negative or unwanted associations. Our central location prototype testing can provide valuable insights that can help point your design in a strong direction.

Deeper, More Accurate Insights

By using our research and testing services during new product development, you can significantly reduce the risk of failure and increase the chances of success. Our insights can help you make more accurately informed decisions and ensure that your new product resonates with consumers from the very beginning, leading to greater success and profitability.

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