The Benefits of Combining Biometric Testing with Implicit Response Testing in Market Research

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Revolutionising Consumer Behaviour Analysis with Biometric Testing in Market Research

The use of biometric testing in market research has revolutionised the way we understand and analyse consumer behaviour. 

Our equipment is non-invasive and we can capture an objective measure of emotional response to brand assets. Our biometric equipment includes; electro-dermal response monitors, heart-rate monitors, breathing rate monitors, EEGs, and eye tracking.

By measuring biometric responses, we can gain a deeper understanding of how consumers engage with products and marketing materials. This can be particularly valuable in understanding the emotional impact of your brand and its messaging. Biometric testing can also provide valuable insights into how consumers interact with different types of media. For example, in-store displays, online ads, or social media posts.

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The Benefits of Combining Biometric Testing with Implicit Response Testing in Market Research

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In addition, biometric testing can be used in conjunction with implicit response testing. Together, these methods can provide a rich and nuanced picture of how consumers perceive your products and brand assets. Biometric testing adds an extra layer of insight to implicit surveys. This helps researchers to better understand the underlying emotions and reactions of consumers.

Overall, biometric testing is an invaluable tool for market researchers looking to gain a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour. By providing an objective measure of emotional response, it can help brands make more informed decisions. This, in turn, means creating more effective marketing strategies.

Check out our recent studies combining biometrics with implicit testing:

One of our recent studies was conducted in Alton Towers CBeebies Land in order to understand the Perfect Formula for a Day Out with the Kids. We measured the biometric responses of 30 children aged 4 to 7 years old, using the Empatica Watch. This watch is designed to measure and monitor physiological responses, such as heart rate, skin conductance, and motion, in real-time. The children wore it while they rode various rides at Alton Towers. We also utilised Split Second Research implicit testing for kids. For more information about this study, please read this article from our partner; What is the Perfect Formula for a Day Out with the Kids?

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In another study, we turned breakfast sounds into music. For this study, we used a 14 channel EEG in conjunction with an implicit test. We measured the brain activity of 23 respondents while they tasted three different types of breakfast toppings. The brain signals were then analysed by Split Second Research’s in-house neuroscientist and part-time musician, Dr. Eamon Fulcher. The brain signals were translated into musical notes based on a predetermined scale. See our partner’s article: Thinking outside the box: First-of-its-kind research turns breakfast sounds into music.

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