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Analyse Moment-by-Moment Emotional Reactions to Your Video Content

impulse moment by moment video ad analysis

Revolutionising Emotional Analysis with Split Second Research's Video Analysis Platform

Split Second Research’s IMPULSE platform is a revolutionary moment-by-moment testing tool that offers a unique and in-depth analysis of emotional reactions to audio-visual content. The platform is specifically designed for analysing various forms of market research content, including TV and radio advertisements, movie trailers, programme excerpts, online videos, promotional videos, training videos, political speeches, and more.

IMPULSE captures the audience’s moment-to-moment emotional reactions to the content, providing researchers with detailed insights into how each scene is perceived emotionally. The tool can read up to six different emotions during the same test, making it an invaluable tool for understanding how audiences respond to different types of media content.

impulse is a moment-by-moment analysis of a video ad for implicit reaction market research suitable for movie trailers, political speeches and more

Capturing Implicit Associations and Emotional Reactions with IMPULSE

One of the key features of IMPULSE is its ability to capture non-conscious associations and reactions. The implicit test is overlaid onto a video or audio track. The respondent’s attention gets captured by key moments in the video, and evokes associations at a subconscious level. This way, the video will speed up or delay the responses in the implicit test. Such faster and slower responses allow us to infer how the respondent felt at each moment when they viewed the content. The test provides an alternative approach to measuring an audience’s emotional response to an audio-visual.

Overall, IMPULSE is a new tool that provides a moment-to-moment analysis of emotional reactions to audio-visual content. By leveraging this tool, researchers can gain a deep understanding of how their target audience perceives and responds to different forms of media content. This information can then be used to inform marketing strategies, improve content development, and increase engagement with target audiences.

Sample Test

Effortless Data Analysis and Insights with IMPULSE Market Research Platform

impulse is a moment-by-moment analysis of a video ad for implicit reaction market research

The data collected from the IMPULSE market research platform can be easily downloaded in a tabular format, such as an Excel file. This makes it simple for researchers to sort, filter, and analyse the data collected from the different ads evaluated, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of the audience’s emotional responses.

The Excel file includes various metrics, such as the emotional reactions at each moment of the ad, the overall emotional engagement of the audience, and any non-conscious associations or reactions detected during the test. This detailed information enables researchers to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each ad, and make data-driven decisions to optimise future campaigns.

Learn More about IMPULSE Market Research Platform and Ad Optimisation

To learn more about how we utilise the IMPULSE market research platform for ad optimisation, please visit other parts of the website. Our website provides detailed information on our research methodology, case studies, and how our tool can help businesses improve their marketing strategies and maximise their ROI. Whether you’re looking to test a new advertisement or refine an existing one, our platform can provide valuable insights into how your target audience perceives and responds to your content. Visit our website today to learn more.

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