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Boosting Product Discoverability
with IMPRINT Market Research Tool

IMPRINT is a powerful market research tool that helps brands ensure their products and brand assets are easy to find in today’s crowded and competitive market. In a world where consumers are constantly bombarded with countless options, standing out from the crowd has become more important than ever before.

With IMPRINT, brands can measure the “push” type of attention their brand assets receive, ensuring that they grab the consumer’s attention and remain easily accessible. This is particularly important when it comes to finding products in a physical store or online, where consumers have limited time to make a purchase decision.

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For example, imagine a shopper looking for a specific product on a crowded shelf. If the product is difficult to find, the shopper can become too frustrated and opt for a different option altogether.

A product that stands out and is easy to find, yet still visually fits with the category is a winner. The same is true of a product range, for example, a range of different flavoured drinks. How easily can a flavour be found?

This applies to other scenarios as well, such as browsing through a restaurant menu.

In essence, the “findability” of a product or brand asset has a direct impact on its sales. IMPRINT helps brands ensure their assets are easy to find, helping them stand out in a crowded market and boosting their line.

Impact of Findability on Consumer
Behaviour and Purchasing Decisions

A study published in the Journal of Marketing Research found that when products were difficult to find in a store, consumers were less likely to purchase them. In fact, the study found that the likelihood of purchase decreased by nearly 10% for every additional second it took for the consumer to locate the product on the shelf. Visual attention to a pack has been shown to be the most important predictor above all other factors of actual purchases (Gidlöf et al., 2017).

These studies provide clear evidence that the findability of a product or brand asset has a significant impact on consumer behaviour and purchasing decisions. This underscores the importance of tools like IMPRINT, which can help brands ensure their products and assets are easily found by consumers, ultimately leading to increased sales and revenue.

brand positioning survey market research tool, pack testing shelf findability
The IMPRINT market research platform provides researchers with easy-to-download data in a tabular format, such as an Excel file, enabling straightforward sorting, filtering, and analysis of the data related to how quickly your product can be found on the shelf compared to other products in the same product category.


Gidlöf, K., Anikin, A., Lingonblad, M., & Wallin, A. (2017). Looking is buying. How visual attention and choice are affected by consumer preferences and properties of the supermarket shelf. Appetite116, 29-38.

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