Eye Tracking

We offer an eye-tracking service in our battery of online tests, where respondents have webcams attached to their computers. This test is useful for identifying objects and features on products that grab attention and drive it to other parts of the packaging.

Heat Maps

We can produce a ‘heat map’ showing which regions of a product captured most of the attention. This is important because something can only influence a consumer if they have actually noticed it. Used in conjunction with implicit tests, one can determine whether a key feature on the product has delivered the right message and if it didn’t why – for example an image or icon representing the concept ‘protection’ might have been visually ignored and hence this is why the product did not deliver the concept ‘protection’ when tested implicitly.


Saccade Pathways

We also produce a saccade pathway, that traces the eye’s movement between areas of focus. The movement between areas is rapid and often the same area is returned to more than once. Sometimes attention can be focussed on one area for a considerable amount of time. It is also possible to identify the first area or feature of the pack that respondents looked at. Again, knowing this is key to designing effective packaging. Brand knowledge is power.


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