Consumer Insights

Market research should deliver consumer insights that are clear and actionable

At Split Second Research our aim is to identify the marketing opportunities, as well as the risks, from our surveys. There are three important stages (1) perception of the brand before a purchase (e.g., how the brand promise is perceived) (2) experience with the brand having purchased it, and (3) the customer’s overall satisfaction with the brand.

We test the brand’s promise in terms of how it is perceived by customers and prospective customers – is it accurate and precise? Does it trigger positive emotions and expectations? Does it trigger buying intentions? Or does it spillover onto other brands, such that your competitors benefit? These are important insights from implicit research that much traditional approaches can easily miss.

We test how customers experience the product or service – what emotions does it deliver and do they match the brand promise?

Does the product deliver satisfaction? Does it even deliver more than the promise? Would users advocate the brand to others?

Consumers have needs, physical, social, individual, and emotional. Whether a brand can meet these needs at all stages is the key and our implicit surveys tap into these.

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