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Track how consumers perceive your brand over time. Measure their response to your marketing campaigns.

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What Is Brand Tracking?

Brand Tracking is a continual measurement of a brand’s perception over time. Brand tracking platforms give brand managers the ability to monitor their brand’s perception. This allows brand managers to understand how certain events, such as launches, have affected their brand’s awareness. By monitoring these changes in perception, brand managers can adjust their marketing and communication strategies to better align with consumer expectations and preferences. Ultimately, brand tracking allows for more power and control by delivering a bigger picture and better understanding of your brand. When combining brand tracking with implicit testing methods, this combination delivers even more meaningful and accurate insights.

Tracking Your Brand's Success

Brand managers play a crucial role in the success of a brand by monitoring and analysing how their brand is perceived in the market. By tracking the perception of the brand over time and during specific key periods, they can gain insights into the factors that influence its perception.

For instance, brand managers can analyse whether specific events, such as product launches, advertising campaigns, or public relations crisis, have affected the way their brand is perceived by consumers. By monitoring these changes in perception, they can adjust their marketing and communication strategies to better align with consumer expectations and preferences.

Furthermore, brand managers can also identify seasonal effects that impact their brand’s perception. For example, some products may be more popular during certain times of the year, such as holiday seasons, while others may experience fluctuations in demand due to changing trends or preferences.

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Brand Tracking With Implicit Association Testing

Colours, shapes, symbols, fonts, images, logos, and so on can all have hidden meanings and subconscious associations that can strongly influence how the consumer feels towards the branding of your new product.

Take advantage of these powerful subconscious leanings by testing your designs early on in their development. Create a number of design routes and test them out on consumers using our implicit technology. Create designs that leverage the right subconscious meanings and avoid accidentally triggering negative or unwanted associations.

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Early prototype testing can be carried out within 24 hours and can point your design in an incredibly strong direction.

We have a range of tests available to evaluate all aspects, from the product’s name, to consumer experiences with the new product, to packaging design, and how well the new product would fit with an existing range and its effect on them.

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