Brand Positioning:

Importance, Strategies and SWOT Analysis

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Brand positioning

Brand positioning is a critical component of any marketing strategy. Essentially, it defines the unique features, benefits, and values that distinguish a brand from its competitors. To develop an effective brand positioning strategy, it is essential for brand managers to understand how consumers perceive their brand in the market. Implicit testing is a powerful market research tool that can be used to identify consumers’ subconscious associations with a brand. These associations could be; specific attributes, features, or occasions. By measuring these associations in combination with explicit surveys, the resulting insights can be extremely beneficial. Brand managers can gain insights into their brand positioning against competitors and better understand their brand’s unique selling points (USPs).

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Brand positioning evaluation involves identifying how consumers perceive the brand in terms of how it differs from other brands in the same category. Furthermore, these evaluations enable brand managers to analyse the brand’s persona or value proposition. Additionally identifying how the brand can be differentiated from its competitors. Understanding these factors can help the brand become more “top of mind” and stand out in a crowded market. By leveraging insights from implicit testing and brand positioning evaluations, brands can create a distinct and compelling brand positioning strategy. Ultimately, the insights can inform a strategy that better resonates with consumers and drives business success.

Genuine SWOT Analysis

Both implicit and explicit testing can be used to identify a brand’s strengths and weaknesses. In addition, it can identify the opportunities and threats posed by its competitors. By conducting a brand positioning SWOT Analysis, brand managers can gain a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of their brand’s position in the market. Using the resulting insights from both implicit and explicit surveys gives brand managers more meaningful, well-rounded insights. 

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