The ACT platform is a comprehensive market research tool.
It measures three key aspects: the choice selected, response time, and order of choices made.

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Capturing and Analysing Respondent Decision-Making with the ACT Platform

The ACT platform offers a novel approach to capturing and analysing respondents’ decision-making processes. It works by presenting several options, from which the respondent can choose more than one. The response analysis algorithm is based on three key elements: the choices selected, their response times, and the order in which the choices are made.

The choice selected is the most straightforward aspect. For each prompt or statement, respondents are presented with a set of options to choose from. The ACT platform records which option they select, providing researchers with data on frequency of selection and variations in response to different prompts.

Response Time


The response time is crucial for evaluating engagement and interest. The ACT platform measures the time it takes respondents to select an option, which can indicate the level of consideration given to each option. 

The order of choices made is particularly valuable because it allows researchers to gain insight into which brand values are more important.


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act market research tool

The combined power of

option selection response time order of items selected provides valuable insights

Together, the combined power of option selection, response time, and the order of items selected provides valuable insights into the decision-making processes of respondents. By analysing these three aspects, researchers can gain an understanding of how consumers perceive and evaluate different brands or products. Researchers can better understand the factors that influence respondents’ decision-making. This information can be used to inform marketing strategies, product development, and brand positioning. This makes the ACT platform a crucial tool for market research.

Flexible and Collaborative Research with ACT Platform's Do-It-Together Model

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The data collected from the ACT platform can be downloaded in a tabular form as an Excel file. The Excel format makes it easy for researchers to sort, filter, and analyse the data. This provides them with a detailed understanding of the respondents’ behaviour and preferences.

The ACT platform is designed to be used as a Do-It-Together model. This means that it is not available in our forthcoming Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering. Instead, users can access the platform with the guidance and support of our expert team. This ensures the most effective use of the platform and the most accurate results.

The Do-It-Together approach involves a collaborative effort between our team and the users of the platform. Our team provides guidance on the most effective way to use the platform and how to interpret the results. Meanwhile, the users of the platform carry out the research themselves. This approach allows for greater flexibility, control and customisation. Users can tailor the research to their specific needs and goals.

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Continual Support and Guidance


Our team is always available to provide support and guidance throughout the research process. We can help with all aspects, from designing the study to interpreting the results. This ensures that users have enough support to make the most of the platform and obtain the most valuable insights.

While the Do-It-Together approach may require more effort from users compared to a SaaS model, it offers greater flexibility, customisation, and support. It also allows users to be more hands-on with their research. This can lead to a greater understanding and appreciation of the insights obtained. Overall, the Do-It-Together approach provides a powerful and effective way to conduct market research. It provides effective and valuable insights for business decision-making. 

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