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Our innovative approach can help brands achieve their advertising goals while minimising the negative effects of spill-over advertising.

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Measuring Ad Impact and Effectiveness

Quality and target audience are just two of the factors that can impact a brand. Effective ads can improve brand recognition and create a positive brand image. Quality ads can, additionally, increase sales and build brand loyalty. Conversely, poorly executed ads can damage brand reputation. This, in turn can reduce sales, and alienate potential customers.

To evaluate the impact of an ad on a brand, we use various metrics. For example, brand awareness, brand recall, brand preference, and purchase intent.  

Split Second Evaluates Ad Perception of the Brand Using a Before-After (Pre-Post) Design.

This implicit test measures feelings towards the brand before and after respondents view it. In the analysis, the rise and fall of attributes are plotted visually, like the chart above. 

Split Second technology can test a range of different kinds of ads. For example, from display ads to TV commercials. By comparing a number of creatives using this method, brand managers can optimise their ads.

Using the Right Celebrity For Your Ad

It is essential to ensure that the celebrity and the brand are a good fit. Our implicit test can reveal the qualities of both the celebrities and the brand. The test will calculate the level of compatibility between them both. By comparing two or more celebrities for a brand, Split Second can determine the ideal match. This can make celebrity endorsement more effective and generate better results for your campaigns.

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Ad Optimisation

The first 3 to 5 seconds of an ad are critical in capturing the viewer’s attention and interest. If the ad fails to engage the viewer within those initial seconds, there is a high chance that they will skip the ad or lose interest in the content. Therefore, having a compelling 5-second ad can make a significant difference in whether the viewer continues watching and engaging with the content or not.

Split Second has developed a novel implicit objective method to evaluate your ad moment-by-moment.

This method identifies which attributes fire or catch attention on a frame-by-frame basis, enabling us to optimise your ad and identify the best 5 seconds to use. This approach is particularly useful for advertising TV programs, films, and events.

IMPULSE Moment-by-Moment Test: A Novel Method for Detecting Affective Responses to Dynamic Audio-visual Content 

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Understanding the Impact of Spill-Over Effects on Advertising

Spillover effects on advertising refer to the impact of an advertisement on other brands beyond the intended target audience. These effects can be both positive and negative and occur when an ad for one brand influences the perception of another brand in the mind of the viewer.

The Positives and Negatives

One potential positive spill-over effect is when an ad creates a favourable impression of a particular product or service category. For example, an ad for a new energy drink may not only influence the viewer’s perception of that specific product but also increase their interest in energy drinks in general. Ultimately, this could lead to an increase in sales for other energy drink brands as well.

However, spill-over effects can also have negative consequences for brands. For example, an ad for a product may negatively impact the perception of a competing product or brand. This can occur if the ad highlights a particular issue or problem with the competing product or if the ad is perceived as being more appealing or superior to the competitor’s offering.

Moreover, in some cases, spill-over effects can be intentional. For instance, a brand may strategically position its product or ad next to a more popular or well-known brand in the hopes of benefiting from the spill-over effect of that brand’s popularity.

Minimising the Negative Effects

To minimise the negative effects and maximise the positive effects, it is important for brands to carefully consider their advertising strategies and target audiences. By understanding the potential impact of their advertising efforts on other brands and product categories, brands can ultimately design more effective advertising campaigns that will resonate with their intended audience and minimise unintended consequences. Furthermore, utilising tools like Split Second Research’s neuro-informed design techniques can help brands create more impactful advertisements, meanwhile, minimising the negative spill-over effects on other brands.


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