Ad testing using implicit methods. Find out your ad’s Advert Effectiveness Index (AEI).

advertising-evaluationIn order to create an effective ad, you need to understand how your target audience feels in detail. This helps you to develop an appropriate message, using the right tone of voice. Great ads express an attractive brand personality and connect with its audience.

An ad needs to uplift a consumer’s perception of the brand. Whilst consumers have already developed certain feelings towards brands before seeing the ad, they are also affected in the short-term, through the brand’s touchpoints, such as its ads. When an ad is highly effective, these short-term feelings can overwrite long-term feelings. Some great ads can do this instantly, though most Ads do this incrementally, and so require repeated viewings. All else being equal, a broad marketing strategy that consists of a number of themed ads for the same brand is the most effective strategy – the viewer gets the same message that is repeated in the ads, but the message is delivered with some variations.

Our Advert Effectiveness Index (AEI) is calculated based on the uplifts in feelings measured implicitly before and after ad exposure. Our AEI is based on the amount of uplift in the consumer’s perception of the brand’s values, having just viewed the ad.

Do you want a moment-to-moment evaluation of an advert? If so use our IMPULSE test, which is an implicit test on the go and is taken whilst viewing an ad. It reveals the emotional highs and lows of the ad in real time MORE>

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