March 27, 2024
Dr Eamon Fulcher
Our Breakthrough Neuroscientific Research for The Queen’s Reading Room

Split Second Research is proud to announce our collaboration with Trinity McQueen and The Queen’s Reading Room charity on pioneering neuroscientific research exploring the correlation between reading and wellbeing. Commissioned by the charity and endorsed by Queen Camilla herself, this study unveils a significant breakthrough: just five minutes of daily reading can yield health benefits comparable to those of walking 10,000 steps or consuming five portions of fruits and vegetables.

Revealing the Link Between Reading Fiction and Wellbeing

Queen Camilla’s endorsement marks a pivotal moment in recognizing the transformative power of literature on mental health and cognition. The research, presented at the third anniversary celebration of The Queen’s Reading Room, highlights the profound impact of storytelling on stress reduction, improved concentration, and enhanced emotional connectivity. 

In her speech at the prestigious event, Her Majesty said: 

“In addition to our five a day and our 10,000 steps, we should all be aiming for at least 5 minutes of reading every day for invaluable benefits for brain health and mental well-being.”

“Just as we always suspected, books are good for us – and now science is proving us right!”

It is an honour for Split Second Research to contribute to this vital initiative, promoting literacy and advocating for the incorporation of reading into daily routines for the betterment of individuals’ overall wellbeing. We extend our deepest gratitude to Queen Camilla, The Queen’s Reading Room charity, and all those involved for their unwavering support and commitment to promoting the love of literature. Together, we aim to spread awareness of the enriching effects of reading and inspire individuals worldwide to embrace the power of storytelling for a healthier, happier tomorrow.

Learn more about Split Second’s research methods.

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