November 1, 2023
Understanding Why People Buy Using Psychology-Based Market Research Methods

Why Do People Buy?

…And how can we capture that “why” as market researchers?

Studies show that consumer behaviour is rooted more in the subconscious than we are led to believe.

This makes it much more difficult for market researchers to conduct accurate research, as we can’t rely on simply asking questions explicitly.

Through implicit tests we can capture these split-second associations, generating a more objective measure of respondents’ feelings towards brands than what we can get by asking directly. This understanding of your target audience’s true, subconscious feelings can make a huge difference when planning a strategy.

Implicit association testing and neuromarketing research holds the promise to unlock deep-seated consumer attitudes. Using the analogy of an archaeological dig, implicit tests, like Split Second’s Impress Test, can help uncover the hidden drivers in the consumer’s mind.

This video by Split Second Research explains how we can capture and measure subconscious, or implicit, behaviour using our psychology-based market research methods.

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