September 18, 2023

The Female Lead’s ‘Fulfilment Finder’ survey has been taken over 100,000 times.

The Female Lead joined forces with Split Second Research to launch ‘The Fulfilment Finder‘, an innovative survey to help women better understand themselves and live a more fulfilled life.

The Female Lead is a charity that is dedicated to inspiring women and helping them achieve fulfilment and success. We use research and data to learn about women’s lives and the challenges they face, so that we can help create a more equal society.

Dr. Eamon Fulcher, Split-Second’ co-founder, holds a PhD in Neuropsychology from Imperial College, London. Split Second uses scientifically backed implicit association methods to try to narrow the truth gap between what people think and what they really do. Split Second Research also offers DIY and DIT market research platforms, a brand-new in-house market research app, as well as traditional methods of market research. 

The Science Behind The Fulfilment Finder Survey

The Fulfilment Finder survey allows women to discover what exactly in their lives makes them feel fulfilled, against six different life pillars. 

The Fulfilment Finder uses implicit research to explore neurodiversity and to reveal your subconscious motivators – what matters most to you when seeking fulfilment. It is designed to be repetitive and there are no right or wrong answers. (The secret is not to think too hard about your responses!) 

To understand more about how the survey works, watch the video, or get in touch with us to discuss our various market research survey methods.

By taking the survey you will gain a deeper knowledge about yourself and discover what exactly in your life is making you feel fulfilled, as well as areas you may want to change or focus on. 

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