12th October 2023

Upcoming Event: Exhibiting at Hereford & Worcester Chamber of Commerce Business Expo

h&w chamber of commerce business expo Split Second research exhibiting

Find Split Second Research exhibiting at the H&W Chamber of Commerce Business Expo on the 12th October 2023 at the Three Counties Showground, Malvern

Split Second Research are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at HW Chamber of Commerce Business Expo. Our stand will showcase cutting-edge technologies, which we believe have revolutionised market research and provide valuable insights into consumer behaviour. 

Through innovative methodologies, we aim to obtain objective data without relying on direct questions, thereby minimizing biases and narrowing the truth gap.

In this event, we will demonstrate how advanced technologies, data analytics and artificial intelligence techniques have enabled us to analyse consumer behaviour effectively and provide meaningful insights.

We will demonstrate how advanced technologies, such as EEG, Biomedical Watches such as Empatica and our DIY and DIT market research platforms and apps have enabled us to successfully analyse consumer behaviour, bringing us closer to the truth. 

See some of our published case studies here: The Sound of Golden Syrup and The Science Behind A Perfect Day Out at Alton Towers.

Additionally, at our stand, we will be able to demonstrate and delve into the power of neuromarketing, a cutting-edge field that utilises neuroscience to understand the subconscious drivers behind consumer decisions. By tapping into brain activity and physiological responses, we can gain deeper insights into how consumers truly feel about products and services without relying solely on verbal feedback.

Our objective is to empower businesses with data-driven insights that transcend traditional survey-based approaches, ensuring greater reliability and relevance. By embracing these new technologies, companies can make well-informed decisions, create products that truly resonate with their target audiences, and ultimately build stronger and more authentic connections with their customers.

Join us for this exciting event as we unveil the future of market research—a future where biases are minimised, truth is revealed, and businesses can thrive in a world driven by genuine consumer understanding.

Free to attend, save time on the day by pre-registering and having a badge ready printed for you to collect at reception.

With over 120 exhibitors from lots of business sectors, a dedicated Networking Zone with free tea and coffee kindly supplied by Brookes Catering – don’t miss the chance to raise your profile with others in the Herefordshire & Worcestershire business community.

This is the go-to event for anyone starting or growing a business as well as for business professionals looking to improve skills and develop key relationships through networking.

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