April 25, 2023
Charlotte Fulcher

8 Examples of Iconic Product Packaging Design

method products successful packaging design

What makes packaging design successful?

Creating an incredible product is only part of what makes it successful – its packaging must be incredible too. Successful packaging captures the interest and attention of consumers by standing out from the crowd. Packaging should show off your product and appeal specifically to your target audience, resonating with their values. Successful, iconic packaging is easily recognisable and immediately sums up a brand’s identity, visually.

When considering your product design assets, learning from and being inspired by already existing successful designs is useful. Here, we have compiled a list of 8 examples of iconic, instantly globally recognisable packaging designs.


apple products packaging white box

Apple products have led the way and shaped tech product design. The packaging for Apple products is well-known for its on-trend, understated, minimal approach. Their boxes are all-white with only the product name, logo on the sides, and an image of the product on the front. All their packaging is uniform in colour and shape, giving the white boxes a “collectable” appeal to them. Apple have incredible attention to detail and consider texture and user experience with their packaging. The boxes have an airy yet dense quality to them and often feature a matte texture and a metallic, embossed text or logo. Inside the box, every item has its place and fits perfectly. The accessories are evenly spaced and match the white of the packaging, creating a very visually satisfying appeal to the perfectionists out there. The white-out of everything but the main product gives the main product more emphasis. 

With this attention to design details, it is no wonder Apple is most used by creatives and most associated with creativity. The paired-back look is very contemporary, strong and even sculptural, which reinforces the company’s designer brand identity.


Method cleaning products are unique, innovative and forward-thinking. The innovative company successfully re-invented the way cleaning products are packaged and made. Their business model centers around creating environmentally-friendly cleaning products which are also designed to look aesthetically pleasing. Method’s designer packaging is modern, colourful, and playful, featuring brightly coloured, clear bottles with bold graphics and fun typography. This is a stark contrast to its plain and practical competitors. Their packaging definitely has strong findability and shelf appeal as it is distinct from any other products. Method is the first to introduce designer appeal to cleaning products. There are not many cleaning products that are attractive enough to proudly display at home. The fun, modern, designer edge might make you feel excited to use their luxury, stylish products. The fact they are environmentally friendly is also a great incentive. Is there another product category that could benefit from a designer edge?


coca cola bottle packaging design over the years

For over a century, Coca-Cola’s classic glass bottle has been an iconic packaging design. The distinctive shape and logo are designed to be instantly recognisable. Their bottle’s shape was originally inspired by the contoured shape of a real cocoa bean. Coca-Cola states they wanted their bottle to be “so distinctive that it could be recognized by touch alone and so unique it could be identified when shattered on the ground.” As Coca-Cola is so well-known, their branding is rather paired back – all you need to see is the bottle shape, a touch of red or their logo to know it is Coca-Cola.

Tiffany & Co.

This iconic “Blue Box” is instantly recognisable. When presented with one of these boxes, you know there could only be one thing inside; a piece of jewellery from Tiffany & Co. Their packaging is a key part of the overall customer experience. We can instantly associate this blue box with the stunning, luxurious, iconic jewellery inside. Therefore, the box alone might evoke feelings of excitement, anticipation, gratitude, or even romantic love. The Blue Box is known for its elegant white ribbon which is tied carefully to “unfurl with one gentle pull”. This attention to detail is reflected in their high-end, elegant jewellery designs and reinforces the company’s image as one of the top luxury brands. The packaging’s success could also be attributed to the fact that they have not steered from the same design since the mid-1800s – that knowledge may cultivate trust and security in the quality of their products. 


Hershey's Kisses
hersheys kisses packaging design iconic

The silver and blue packaging of Hershey’s Kisses is simple yet effective with silver foil and a bright blue logo. Their packaging is universally recognisable as it has not changed for over 30 years. The simplicity of the materials adds an old-school, nostalgic element. Hershey’s know that their products are associated with feelings of comfort which is established also in their packaging. As the packaging is not too loud or abrasive, it creates instead a unique, nostalgic and charming appeal. The conical shape – often referred to as a flat-bottomed teardrop – is unique to Hershey’s. Their bright metallic elements and unique shape stand out on the shelf and are iconic enough to appeal to both children and adults.

dove packaging design

Dove’s packaging is another example of simplicity over complexity. The beauty brand is classic, timeless and well-recognised. Dove is known for being associated with luxury, indulgence and being safe and hydrating to use. Their packaging is fairly understated and the use of white alludes to the purity and safety of its contents. Dove’s packaging features gold accents, a hint of their staple dark blue and elegant, classic typography. This combination successfully conveys a sense of timeless sophistication, beauty and elegance.


amazon packaging design

Amazon’s packaging is designed for maximum efficiency and convenience. The company’s distinctive brown boxes and smiling logo are instantly recognisable. Their packaging and logo reinforce a sense of safety, friendliness and efficiency which ties to their reputation for fast and reliable delivery.



Pringles’ iconic cylindrical tube is instantly recognisable. The Pringles’ mascot has been featured for decades and appeals to snackers who are looking for a fun and unique snack. This element creates a nostalgic, reliable, friendly feel to the product. As opposed to other minimalistic trends, the Pringles packaging is loud, bright and full of flavour, mirroring its contents. The Pringles tube has an easy to “pop”, resealable lid, making it user-friendly and fun to use. Their packaging is embedded into their slogan “Once you pop, you can’t stop”, making it a key feature of their brand.


Test Your Packaging Design

These are just a few examples of successful packaging designs that have helped to drive sales and build brand recognition. Each of these successful pack designs have a unique edge but are wholly consistent and reliable, which makes them well-recognised, household brands. 

It is important to conduct market research launching a new packaging design in order to fully understand your target market and their needs and desires. It may be useful to conduct customer segmentation research to create a detailed picture of your buyer personas. Or, if you are choosing between two or more pack designs, test them against each other with implicit association pack tests.

There’s something about your brand. Test the visibility or implicit reaction of your pack design with our methods at Split Second Research.

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