April 22, 2023
Geraldine Trufil
Digital Marketing Strategy – The Importance of the First Few Seconds in Digital Ads

The Rise of Online Video

Nowadays, online video ads are an important tool in your digital marketing toolbox. Video is becoming increasingly popular since the rise of Tiktok and Instagram Reels. When capturing and creating your video, it is important that it does its job of capturing the interest of the audience. In particular, it is important to measure the effectiveness of your video ad before your launch – so as to not waste any time or money. 

The First Few Seconds

The latest evidence suggests that the first few seconds are the most crucial in capturing the interest of your audience. When measuring the effectiveness of a video ad, we suggest measuring the first 5 seconds of your ad.  

Here are some studies and sources to support this claim:

  • According to an article by “Think With Google“, viewers are more likely to pay attention to the first few seconds of an ad than any other part of the ad. This means that if an ad doesn’t grab their attention in the first few seconds, they are more likely to skip or ignore it.
  • Another study by the Advertising Research Foundation found that the first five seconds of an ad can influence up to 74% of a viewer’s brand preference. This means that if an ad fails to capture the viewer’s attention in the first five seconds, it is unlikely to have a significant impact on their perception of the brand.
Overall, these studies suggest that the first 3-5 seconds of an ad are crucial in capturing the attention of viewers and making a lasting impression. Advertisers must make sure that their ads are engaging and attention-grabbing from the very beginning to ensure that they are effective.

Measuring Video Ads with IMPULSE Moment-By-Moment Analysis

Split Second Research’s IMPULSE platform captures the audience’s moment-to-moment emotional reactions to a video, providing researchers with detailed insights into how each scene is perceived emotionally. The tool can read up to six different emotions during the same test, making it an invaluable tool for understanding how audiences respond to different types of media content. We recommend testing the first 5 seconds of your video ad using IMPULSE to gain a deeper understanding of how your ad is initially received. With these insights, advertisers can pinpoint the emotions their ads evoke in order to make impactful changes or edits if necessary.

Target Audience Insights

Split Second can help you optimise your digital ads’ performance by providing insights into your target audience. We can determine their preferences, behaviours, and motivations to build a more detailed picture of your customer persona(s). Our data experts at Split Second Research can analyse the data, helping you to refine your ad messaging, design, and targeting to maximise engagement and conversions.

Capturing and Converting Your Audience

In addition to audience insights, Split Second can also provide you with  guidance and expertise around the best practices for ad placement and timing. Together, we can determine the best way to structure your ad, based on solid, scientific research.. Our aim at Split Second Research is to ensure your ad reaches its full potential in capturing and converting your audience.

With Split Second’s expertise in digital advertising, you can be confident that your ads are optimised to deliver the best results for your business. Contact Split Second today to learn more about how we can help you improve your digital advertising strategy.

To learn more or discuss how we can help your brand, contact our experts. 


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