October 26, 2022
Charlotte Fulcher
Biometric Testing at CBeebies Land Reveals Formula for “The Perfect Day Out”

Biometric Testing to Reveal The “Perfect Day Out”

In a new study by Split Second Research, which took place in CBeebies Land at Alton Towers Resort, our scientists took on the challenge of using biometric testing to reveal the formula for the “perfect day out”. 

Split Second Research is a neuromarketing company specialising in implicit system 1 market research and biometric measuring.

How does biometric testing work?

Biometric testing works by using wearable technology to measure biometrics. These can include heartbeat and electrodermal activity. Because biometric testing can indicate emotional responses, it can be very useful for measuring a person’s internal and emotional experience during an event. 

As a result, we used biometric measuring technology to measure heartbeat and electrodermal activity in order to discover which combination of rides which gave the best experience.
wearable tech, biometric testing by split second research

By pairing biometric testing wearable tech with a group of fun-seeking youngsters, we discovered the most magical day. This day involves exactly 17 minutes of thrills, 8 minutes of mental activity, 15 minutes of relaxation and 20 minutes independent play every hour. 

As children move from ride to ride, their emotional levels will rise and fall. We call those emotional turning points. As neuroscientists, we know that memories are formed by these emotional trajectories.

Because we know this is how memories are formed, it is very likely that the children who experience these emotional highs or “turning points” will remember this experience for the rest of their lives.

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