September 28, 2022
Charlotte Fulcher

Finding a Reliable Market Research Method to Eliminate Faked Responses

Are Implicit Association Tests a reliable method of market research?

Implicit Association Tests (IATs) are designed to measure implicit biases by assessing the speed and accuracy of participants’ responses in categorizing different stimuli. One aspect of reliability is test-retest reliability, which refers to the consistency of results when the test is administered multiple times to the same individual. 

Studies examining test-retest reliability of IATs have shown moderate-to-high correlations, indicating a certain level of consistency in measuring implicit biases over time. This suggests that IATs can capture stable individual differences in implicit biases. 

Reliability of the results depends on several factors, including how the test is designed. Split Second Research’s implicit online surveys can’t be faked, so brands can have honest, objective measure of how consumers truly feel.

Can participants fake their survey results?

Without using implicit testing, traditional, explicit or multiple-choice survey methods may result in a staggering 40% of questions being answered improperly. This is partly due to the way many participants aim to finish their surveys – by finishing quickly to earn more money. For example, a participant may tick an option without reading the question, or just tick the same pattern of responses over several questions. This can lead to inappropriate results and insights.

How can we eliminate fake results and get more accurate, clear, and objective results?

Implicit testing can reduce the truth gap in consumer research between what people say and what they really do. With implicit, objective surveys, a different method is used. In this approach, the FASTER they work through the survey, the more accurate their results. Respondents are required to press certain keys (or swipe in various directions) to brand-related words and images. If they don’t follow the instructions they can’t complete the survey. Split Second Research’s implicit online surveys can’t be faked, so brands can have honest, objective measure of how consumers truly feel.

“What people say, what people do, and what they say they do are entirely different things” – Margaret Mead

Unfortunately, studies indicate that up to 40% of new products can fail when researchers directly ask consumers what they want through an explicit or traditional kind of survey. Now, researchers can benefit the most from an objective implicit response measure. Split Second Research’s online implicit survey technology can provide more insights, more discrimination and get you closer to how consumer’s actually feel.

When the Implicit Association tests are completed, participants often remark on how quick, fun, and easy the test really is.

The benefits of implicit surveys are that participants can get through the test quickly to reach their reward, the survey can be completed without too much effort or thinking involved, and brands can get more accurate results. Implicit testing is objective, meaning it can’t be faked. The results provide an honest and accurate measure of beliefs and feelings, which are the main drivers behind purchasing behaviour.

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