March 15, 2021
Eamon Fulcher
Mark Webster interview

5Q5M (5 Questions in 5 Minutes) with Mark Webster – Non Exec Director of Split Second Research

In an engaging episode of the “5 Questions in 5 Minutes” series, Paul Barrow, representing the research agency the BLINC partnership, delves into an insightful interview with Mark Webster from Split Second Research. The BLINC partnership collaborates closely with Split Second Research on their Implicit testing initiatives. Although the original intention was to keep the interview within a concise timeframe, it quickly became evident that the discussion was far too intriguing to be confined to just five minutes. Consequently, the conversation extended to a captivating ten-minute exchange.

The remarkable synergy between Paul Barrow and Mark Webster during the interview highlighted the depth of knowledge and expertise possessed by both individuals. Their shared enthusiasm for the subject matter, particularly in the context of Implicit testing, fueled an extended conversation that uncovered valuable insights. Despite exceeding the anticipated duration, the interview retained its intensity and left a lasting impression on both participants and listeners.

This unique encounter emphasized the significance of the collaboration between the BLINC partnership and Split Second Research. Their joint efforts aim to explore and leverage the power of Implicit testing in various research endeavors. By combining their expertise, the BLINC partnership and Split Second Research continue to push the boundaries of understanding, ensuring that cutting-edge insights and methodologies are at the forefront of their work.

Ultimately, the extended interview served as a testament to the captivating nature of the topics explored and the exceptional knowledge brought forth by Mark Webster. As both Paul Barrow and Mark Webster agreed, the insights and revelations unveiled during the interview were simply too intriguing and valuable to limit to a mere five-minute timeframe.

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