5Qs in 5 Featuring Mark Webster

Split Second Research’s Mark Webster Featured in 5 Questions in 5 Minutes

Questions posed to Mark

Question 1. Mark, you are currently a non-exec of many things but one of them is Split Second Research, who as as I know myself specializes in the neuroscience side of stuff, but what is it in your 25 years of advertising that you feel would have been different if you’d have had access to this stuff?

Question 2. As a retired CEO, you chose Split Second Research as one of the your non-exec roles what what sort of led to that decision, what appealled to you about them as a possible place to take your non-exec skills?

Question 3. So would, in your experience, recommend CEOs to get involved with start-ups and is it a rewarding experience? What’s it like, what are the pitfalls, what are the good things about taking your experience on such a grand scale to smaller companies starting out in the world?

Question 4. You’ve worked in Asia for 25 years in all sorts of places and realms but if you were giving advice to somebody trying to break into the Asian market, especially China I guess and particularly as I sense sort of anti-Chinese sentiments brewing, what would be your advice after all that experience?

Question 5. Thank you Mark, last question. What would you say is the greatest achievement in your career if you could narrow it down to one great achievement?

To hear Mark’s answers visit HERE

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