October 13, 2017
Geraldine Trufil
Implicit Research in a Split Second with our IMPRESS Platform

The IMPRESS Platform is an implicit market research tool by Split Second Research, a neuromarketing company in the UK.

Use IMPRESS to create implicit tests for your market research and gain an instant analysis.

Implicit research testing, system 1

DIY – create, deploy, and analyse quickly and easily.


Our unique Implicit research platform, IMPRESS, is used for creating implicit reaction time tests in market research and for other research areas too, such as voting preferences, and social attitudes like racial bias, gender bias, and so on.  

Online, objective and cost-effective, implicit tests capture immediate, and intuitive responses to brands, packaging, product claims, advertising evaluation, brand tracking, brand positioning, new product development, and a vast array of other marketing related outputs.

IMPRESS is a platform for creating an implicit reaction time test quickly and effortlessly. We have made it very easy to create an implicit test, either from scratch or by duplicating an existing project.

You can also include traditional survey-type questions. 

This is useful if you want to add your own screener or demographics questions. Choose from a range of question types and capture information about your respondents and their buying habits before they take the test.

Analysis can be carried out instantly. (Or, in a Split-Second!)

At Split Second Research, we offer a free training session to a technician or the main admin user at your institution or company. We aim to make our implicit research platforms as user-friendly and easy to implement quickly.

Additionally, our IMPRESS system comes with an online user manual and we offer email support with a maximum 48 hour response time.

Educational Licences are available for colleges and universities.

Give your students an advantage by helping them to develop their own implicit response tests. We provide you with a number of licences that can be re-used as your student cohort changes. 

View our other platforms or see our methods for exactly how an implicit test works.

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