Analyse Videos with our IMPULSE Test

Split Second Research’s IMPULSE test is an implicit test for analysing audio-visual content, such as TV adverts, radio adverts, movie trailers, programme excerpts, online videos, promotional videos, training videos, political speeches, and so on. It provides a moment-to-moment analysis of emotional reactions to the content. IMPULSE can read up to six different emotions during the same test.

The video in the background attracts the attention and evokes associations at a non-conscious level that speeds or delays the responses on emotional words. This way we can derive how each scene is perceived emotionally.

A typical output is shown in the link below. You can play, pause, rewind, restart at any time so that you can examine the emotional reactions to the video on a moment-by-moment basis. These are completely implicit reactions to the content. In the example, below six emotional responses are shown to a Surf advert.

Click on the image to view the analysis (this will open in a new window).

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