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Use our Implicit Association Testing tools to understand your something and reveal deeper, more accurate insights.

There's something about your brand.
There's something about your product.
There's something about your story.
There's something about your message.
There's something about your pricing.
There's something about your personality.
There's something about your packaging.
There's something about your advert.
There's something about your brand.

Split Second Research is a market research agency specialising in implicit association testing and other psychology-based methods to deeply understand consumer behaviour.

We give brand managers and insights teams a fuller picture; delivering more insightful, accurate, and comprehensive data to perfect their brand strategy.


Narrowing the Truth Gap

There is often a large truth gap between what people say they are going to do and how they actually behave; this presents a significant risk for market researchers.

Using our implicit association testing and other psychological sciences-based market research tools, we uncover a better understanding of consumers’ emotions, intuitions, and gut-feelings which can narrow the truth gap.

mind the truth gap in market research between what people say and what they really do
Split Second Reseach Clients

We have provided services for and have delighted: Givaudan, The Female Lead, Nando’s, Mothercare, Chanel, Johnson & Johnson, Lumanity, NRS Healthcare, Heinze, TBS, Amgen, Bayer, Organix, Santander, Danone, HRA Pharma, Coca-Cola, SC Johnson, Hewlett Packard, ITV, Adidas, Symrise, BBC, Nationwide, Loaker, OCBC Bank, Budweiser, Merk, and so many more…

Our Solutions

brand equity market research brand associations


Measure your brand equity using Implicit and Explicit testing to gain deeper, more accurate insights.

packaging testing market research


Compare designs and measure your  pack’s findability with more accuracy using the IMPRINT and IMPACT platforms.

brand tracking using implicit association testing iat neuromarketing research


Track how consumers perceive your brand over time. Measure their response to your marketing campaigns.

new product development market research

New Product

Partner with us to apply a neuro-informed design approach to your new product development.

brand positioning market research


Conduct a brand positioning SWOT Analysis based on Implicit and Explicit research data.

pricing strategy neuromarketing testing implicit association test

Pricing & Promotions

Evaluate the effects of pricing and in-store promotions and their impact on the perception of your brand.

product claims neuromarketing testing implicit association test


Discover how consumers really feel about each of your product claims.

ad testing neuromarketing research


Find out the impact and effectiveness of your ad, and determine if it is prone to spill-over effects.

public image testing neuromarketing research


Gain a deeper understanding of your public perception using our tools based in neuroscience and psychology.

digital marketing market research neuromarketing

Market Category Analysis

Discover how implicit reaction tests can help you understand your market category and what its purchase drivers are.

Our Platforms
& Tools

express market research survey platform


Traditional surveys (self-report questionnaires) can be built on our EXPRESS online market research platform.

split second research impress iat implicit association testing market research platform


Implicit reaction time tests are used in market research to measure consumers’ inner feelings and attitudes towards products and services.

fast market research platform


FAST is a forced-choice online market research test.

impulse moment by moment video ad analysis


Split Second Research’s IMPULSE market research platform is a moment-by-moment test.

imprint shelf findability market research tool for product packaging testing analysis


IMPRINT is a "findability" market research tool.

fluent split second research cloud for our market research platforms


The Fluent router keeps all market research elements together.

biometric recording market research platform


Neuromarketing and Biometric Recording are two of our specialisms.

act market research platform response time


ACT (Attribute Choice Test) is a response latency tool, which is used to evaluate different type of brands or products.

packaging design market research tool alternative to eye tracking split second research


IMPACT, our eye-tracking tool is used to determine visual capture of a brand’s assets.

We are world-leading authorities and experts in market research, psychology and neuroscience

Split Second Research is a market research agency specialising in implicit association testing and biometric testing. We are based in the UK, with offices in Singapore, Brazil, and the Philippines. As experts in neuromarketing, we work with top global brands to provide reliable, accurate insights.

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Ask Dr Implicit

Can’t decide? Our app uses neuroscientific methods to uncover your subconscious preference between 2 different options. This is a fun, scaled down version of Implicit association testing, for entertainment purposes only.


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Geraldine Trufil is an MRS Research Hero of 2024

We are delighted to announce that Geraldine Trufil, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Split Second Research (SSR), has been recognised as one of the Market Research Society’s (MRS) Research Heroes for 2024. Geraldine was nominated due to her exceptional work across numerous projects with Split Second Research with a particular focus on her client-first approach.

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Predicting Why Consumers Buy: Evaluating 5 Key Approaches for Brand Managers

Predicting Why Consumers Buy: Evaluating 5 Key Approaches

Whether developing a new product or launching a new marketing campaign, understanding your customers’ true attitudes is crucial to brand management. The main aim is to make predictions about consumers’ behaviour in the future. So, for example, if we wish to make a change to one of our products, we need to conduct research that will help us predict whether the change will bring about an increase sales, decrease sales, or make no difference to sales. However, it is important to choose the correct way to measure people’s thoughts, emotions, or gut-instincts towards your brand, depending on what you’d like to achieve.

There are five recognised ways to measure attitudes in market research.

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