SPLIT SECOND RESEARCH has a large array of tools to measure consumers’ attitudes and behaviour, including implicit reaction time tests to measure those difficult-to-get-at deep-seated feelings. These tools are grounded on solid psychological science and consumer research.


We are experts in neuroscience, implicit technology, and market research, highly knowledgeable and experienced in the field. We have experienced staff who have delivered projects in the following areas:

  • Brand Equity
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Tracking
  • Advertising Evaluation
    • TV adverts
    • Radio adverts
    • Print adverts
    • Political speeches
    • Marketing videos
    • Websites
    • Other marketing materials (e.g., out of home)
  • Packaging
    • New pack designs
    • Comparing packaging with competitors
    • Front of pack compared with back of pack designs
  • New Product Development
    • Comparing new products with nearest competitors
    • Benefits of new product features
    • Risks of removing product features
    • Understanding how consumers perceive the existing product vertical
  • Product Claims
    • The perceived value of a product’s claims
    • Real-time Monitoring of Media Content
    • Moment-to-moment implicit perception of a video clip, advert or speech
    • Frame by frame analysis
  • Eye-tracking
  • Biometric recording
    • Electrodermal response (emotional arousal)
    • Heart rate (positivity/negativity)
    • Breathing rate (emotional engagement)

Assessment through implicit reaction time tests, traditional survey techniques, and time-constrained forced-choice tests.

Our analytic tools help to identify the opportunities for new prospects and the risks to existing customers of your marketing plans.

Our analytic tools also apply economic algorithms to determine the return of investment of your marketing materials and campaigns.

Our service is international and our tests can be translated into any language.

Our online tests can be taken on most computing devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone) and any platform (Windows 7 and above, Apple IOS, android, Windows mobile).

We respond quickly to our clients’ needs – surveys can be run from start to finish as quickly as one week, and projects with broader scopes can be up to six weeks in duration.

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