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Use our Product Index of Engagement (PIE) to compute the power of your packaging. Find out how easy your packaging is to find on shelf. Find out whether it stands out from the crowd. Discover the effectiveness of each part of your product’s packaging in terms of grabbing attention and triggering a purchase. Find out how well your packaging delivers your brand message. Discover how congruent it is with the market category and how distinctive it is from your competitors. Use this tool to optimize the design of your packaging. Every month we run a selection of new products through our Product Index of Engagement (PIE). We have a database of a wide array of products and have computed norms for different product verticals.

Contact us to find out your product’s PIE.

Implicit Reaction Time Tests

Impress is our survey framework for all of our implicit market research tests. It can be used for:

  • Brand Equity
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Tracking
  • Advertising Evaluation
    • TV adverts
    • Radio adverts
    • Print adverts
    • Political speeches
    • Marketing videos
    • Websites
    • Other marketing materials (e.g., out of home)
  • Packaging
    • New pack designs
    • Comparing packaging with competitors
    • Front of pack compared with back of pack designs
  • New Product Development
    • Comparing new products with nearest competitors
    • Benefits of new product features
    • Risks of removing product features
    • Understanding how consumers perceive the existing product vertical
  • Product Claims
    • The perceived value of a product’s claims
    • Real-time Monitoring of Media Content
    • Moment-to-moment implicit perception of a video clip, advert or speech
    • Frame by frame analysis
  • Eye-tracking
  • Biometric recording
    • Electrodermal response (emotional arousal)
    • Heart rate (positivity/negativity)
    • Breathing rate (emotional engagement)


Our analytic tools help to identify the opportunities for new prospects and the risks to existing customers of your marketing plans.

Our analytic tools also apply economic algorithms to determine the return of investment of your marketing materials and campaigns.

Our service is international and our tests can be translated into any language.

Our online tests can be taken on most computing devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone) and any platform (Windows 7 and above, Apple IOS, android, Windows mobile).

We respond quickly to our clients’ needs – surveys can be run from start to finish as quickly as one week, and projects with broader scopes can be up to six weeks in duration.

Certamente 2017

Our Director of Research & Development, Dr. Eamon Fulcher, recently presented at the Certamente neuromarketing conference in Milan early March 2017. Check out the website for latest news about the speakers and topics at http://www.certamente2017.com/. Eamon’s talk  focused on how implicit reaction time techniques can enhance our understanding of how consumers truly feel about brands and products.


Create your own implicit tests in-house

Now you can create your own implicit reaction time tests from the comfort of your office desk.

No set-up fee!

Free annual licence!

inhouseCreate your test within minutes, using our unique online interface:

Upload images of the brands (packages, logos, and so on) you want to test and select your attributes from a list, and put the survey in field

Analyse the data instantly when the quota is full:

View charts online instantly (even when still in field), download charts and data.

Ideal for regular use of a range of different types of implicit tests – charges are per interview – no licence fee to pay!

We want everyone to have access to implicit reaction time tests, so only charge per interview with no set-up or annual licence fees.

Contact us for more information: info@splitsecondresearch.co.uk

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