About Us

SPLIT SECOND RESEARCH LIMITED is an international market research company founded in 2008 that specializes in digging deep into consumers’ subconscious minds.

We have a large array of tools to measure consumers’ attitudes and behaviour, including implicit reaction time tests to measure those difficult-to-get-at deep-seated feelings. These tools are grounded on solid psychological science and consumer research. We provide research services and automated tools for every stage of the product’s life cycle and touchpoints, such as new product development, logo development, packaging, product claims, advertising (TV, radio, and print), brand positioning, and brand tracking.

We specialize in implicit reaction time testing. This approach works by flashing words and images on the screen and asking respondents to react to specific words as quickly as possible. By measuring their reaction times we can get an understanding of their inner feelings, attitudes, and personal traits.

Neuromarketing is also one of our specialisms and we can run biometric tests (electrodermal response, heart-rate, breathing rate, EEG, eye-glass eye tracking) at central locations. Biometric recordings can provide objective measures of emotional responses to products, adverts, packaging, services, and more. We offer an eye-tracking service in our battery of online tests, where respondents have webcams attached to their computers. This test is useful for identifying objects and features on products that grab attention and drive it to other parts of the packaging.

We run traditional surveys (self-report questionnaires and time-limited forced choice tests) alongside implicit surveys, so we can get a broader understanding of how people feel. Are they overstating some feelings and understating others about your brand? Are they overly influenced by other people when asked about your brand? Or are they truly in touch with their own feelings about your brand?

We outsource our programming and development to our partner company in the Philippines. This reduces our overheads and hence allows us to offer highly competitive pricing.

Please contact us via info@splitsecondresearch.co.uk or +44 (0) 7878455944

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